Unauthorized trail construction

Recently a new trail, roughly following the approximate original alignment of the old Shaker Trail, appeared in the forest. While we are all frustrated with the pace at which we have been able to restore our old trail system this action will ultimately delay our efforts.  The unauthorized trail will need to be reworked to allow for better water diversion and reinforced in areas that will not support heavy multi-use. Our goal is to recreate a trail network that is more sustainable than the original trails while following widely accepted modern multi-use trail guidelines to build a trail system that is fun for all user groups and will remain for many years.

If you would like to have a voice in future trail construction, please join us for our monthly meetings or, better yet, come to one of our upcoming trail days and train to build the trails we hope will be here for generations. Meetings and trail days will be posted on our web site at www.boggsmountain.org.