Hiking Routes

Below are “favorite hiking routes” with approximate distances and completion times. We will continually add to this list, and as it grows, will organize it in a more structured format to make it easier to scan different hikes. Click here for the trail map of BMDSF.

Please note that these routes are contributed by frequent visitors and members of Friends of Boggs Mountain (FOBM), and neither party is responsible for the trail conditions, accuracy, and difficulty ratings of these routes.

Mac’s Trail – Hoberg’s Loop – Mac’s Trail
Distance: ~3 miles
Time: 1 – 1.25 hr
Description:  Excellent route for an hour cardio hike, and moderately-challenging trail run. Starts off on a moderate grade up Mac’s Trail that levels out as you approach Hoberg’s Loop. At the intersection with Hoberg’s Loop, you can either take the left or right spurs as both have up- and downhill sections. Keep your eye out for the low sign for Mac’s Trail which will lead you back to the parking area.


Please contact us if you would like to contribute your favorite hiking or trail-running route(s). Include distance, time of completion, and a short description which highlights features or benefits of your favorite route.