BMDSF – Limited Reopening – July 16, 2018

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce Boggs’ limited opening via CDF’s press release below. Please note that we added bold font to their statements that emphasize: only the existing road system and day use are allowed.

Click here for the official news release (PDF).

In the meantime, a temporary revised map is available here – URL:

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For more information, please contact the Boggs Forest Staff directly at: 707-928-4378.

As we get more information from CDF, we’ll make sure to let the public know. Please follow us on Facebook and/or visit this Website.

Thank you all so much for your support of Boggs and FOBM’s work in the forest!

In 2015 the 76,067 acre Valley Fire burned from Cobb down through Middletown in one day driven by extreme winds and dry fuels. It is estimated that 98% of the 3,493 acre Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest (Forest) was impacted by the fire. Due to fire damage and the vast amount of work needed to make it safe for public use, the Forest has been closed since the fire.

Immediately following the fire CAL FIRE initiated a plan for clean-up logging and reforestation of the property. Foresters from all over the state were brought in to assess the damage to the timber and mark trees for retention based upon the fire intensity and fire damage to the tree.

In just over one calendar year over 50 million board feet of timber was harvested from the Forest. This is enough to build approximately 5,000 mid-sized homes. In addition, 21 miles of forest roads were repaired as well. Logging slash and charred vegetation were piled and burned over the last two winters.

In the spring of 2017 and 2018 there were 702,695 trees planted on 3100 acres using seeds that were collected from the Forest.

With the vast majority of the timberland on the Forest planted, and the bulk of the dead trees removed, CALFIRE will be opening Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest to the public for day use only starting July 16, 2018. No camping will be permitted on the Forest as the majority of the restrooms in the campgrounds were destroyed and numerous other hazards are present that would make nighttime occupancy unsafe. Over the course of the year the Forest Staff will focus on the rebuilding of recreation infrastructure, including restrooms and trail building.

As many hazards still exist on the Forest and the trail system is severely damaged by logging, public use will be limited to the existing road system. Portions of the property that still pose a hazard to the public will be off limits. The designated shooting area will be accessible to the public on August 1, 2018 but will be subject to temporary closures for Forest Staff safety while working in the vicinity. It is strongly encouraged that the public call ahead before traveling to the shooting area to verify that it is open.

“I would like to thank all the CAL FIRE personnel and private vendors who worked hard to mitigate the fire damage to this point. Although more work is needed, we are committed and pleased to open Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest back to the public” says CAL FIRE Unit Chief Shana Jones.